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Philips USA

Philips USA World Cup Fanfest Cologne Germany We got into World Cup Fever shooting for Phillips who provided the giant outdoor video screens all over Germany for partying fans who couldnt get tickets to the games

FIFA World Cup

Channel 9 Australia "The Footy Show" Kaiserslautern Germany Being camera assistant with Reg “Bring Back the Biff” Reagan was one of the funniest and most exhausting days of my life. Channel 9 followed Aussie fans to the legendary World Cup victory over Japan. I’m still the only person I know of that actually attended a world cup game in Germany, tickets were like hens teeth Click on the below link to watch the item on YouTube

New York Fire Dept

Philips USA New York Fire Department Landstuhl Germany During the World Cup The New York Fire Dept football team came over to play a few matches and the client didn’t have to pay extra for fancy crane shots


SPG TV Italy Starwood Hotels Frankfurt Germany Risking life and limb as cameraman on this promotional shoot about the Frankfurt Reinland region. The director from Milan loved a good cigar and was working on the wrong side of the camera I reckon